Fees and Payment

The applicable fees for the Services You order may be quoted on the telephone and/or may be available on the Site. The fee for the Services will be charged directly to your bank account and You agree to pay the charges applicable to Your selected Services, as well as any applicable taxes.

For Subscription Services, the applicable fees will depend on the type of subscription that You purchase, and the duration of the subscription. Unless you have purchased a special or trial offer Subscription Service that specifically provides otherwise, a one-time set-up fee applies to all Subscription Services.

Unless you have purchased a special or trial offer Subscription Service that specifically provides other terms for cancellation and/or refund, you may cancel any Subscription Service at any time following Your purchase of the Subscription Service, by contacting Tech Connect. Otherwise, the fees for the Subscription Service are not refundable.

By authorizing Us to charge Your bank account for Your Subscription Service, You further authorize Tech Connect to continue to charge Your bank account for all fees associated with the Subscription Service, including renewals. You must contact Tech Connect if You do not wish to renew Your Subscription Service; if You do not contact Tech Connect, the Subscription Service that You selected will automatically renew for the same subscription duration that You initially selected, at Tech Connect plus applicable fees.

Commerce agent authorization

You as the client authorize Tech Connect, or it’s payment processor, acting as the commerce agent for Tech Connect, to withdraw and debit the above confirmed amount from my checking or savings account. You understand and agree such debit will be done either via ACH or Remotely Created Check (RCC). You hereby expressively authorize the withdrawal of funds only from the above account at the financial institution indicated above on a recurring monthly basis if so selected or as a one time charge. You as the client acknowledge that the origination of ACH and or RCC debit transactions to your account must comply with the provisions of State and U.S. law. You are aware of the terms and conditions contained herein, You have read and fully understand your rights under Federal Reserve Regulation E, Regulation Z, The Federal E Sign Act, The Electronic Transfer Act, Federal Trade Commission Rules, Consumer Protection Laws and your limits of liability under federal law for unauthorized use of a bank account located at 15 U.S.C. § 1643. You further confirm and attest that there is sufficient balances to cover the charges, and you are a duly authorized signor on this account with legal authority to authorize the recurring monthly debits against the bank account.


(**Tech Connect 888-828-2489**) will appear on your bank statement for all charges made. Tech Connect may include other information on your statement based on credit card association, telephone regulation, The Electronic Payments Association, Federal Reserve Regulation E, Regulation Z, FTC Regulations, NACHA, The Federal E-Sign Act, State Law and any other mandated rules and regulations.

If you elect to use your checking or savings account to purchase a subscription from this Website, an ACH debit or Remotely Created Check (RCC) will be presented to your bank account. Your agreement with these Terms & Conditions is your approval for Tech Connect to issue an ACH or RCC debit to your account, according to the terms and conditions herein.

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